Greetings everyone! I’m Jacob Reinhardt, and if you don’t already know me, I am a student of the Bible and I desire to share with Christians and a lost world. This blog is just getting started, so it may take a bit of time for it to take shape but I wanted to at least give an introduction and to invite you to come along and to read my posts! My goal will be to share things that will be true and helpful for all, both things I have studied and learned in the past as well as things I am presently learning in theology and life. I will try to keep posts a reasonable length but long enough to be of substance. If something gets longer, it might become an article! (You will find several of those on this blog already though I may introduce and feature them).

My posts will center on things pertaining to the Bible and theology as it pertains to both doctrine and life. As Charles Ryrie has said, “All doctrine is practical, and all practice must be based on sound doctrine.” Thus, I believe doctrine is essential to life. Furthermore however, as I have gone through my Christian life, I have realized how important the process of systematic theology is to the development of doctrine. It isn’t enough to just interpret individual passages. They must be fit together as a whole. This focus is the Christian-aimed focus of this blog, the focus aimed for those who are already Christians. At the same token, as one trying to navigate the immense challenges to our faith in the world today, apologetics and epistemology are also of great importance, I believe, for every Christian and in fact for every person. We all know how much Christian faith is dismissed, ridiculed, and ignored by many in the population centers of America. This does not need to be so, and thus there is often a focus in my studies (and thus my posts) of apologetics which is the defense of Christian truth claims to the lost and to the saved.

In conclusion, I just want to share I want my posts to be pertinent to everyone, not just people who have a “thing” for academics. I will do my best to keep things clear but I will likely seek to challenge you to deepen your study, to think about things you’ve never though about before. Please feel free to contact me with comments, requests, etc. Feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter to get posts or you can sign up for the traditional email as well. Better yet, if you are one of my friends in West Seneca, please ask me about what I’m posting on here!

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