A Review of Norm Geisler’s Prolegomena

Dr. Norman L. Geisler has been one of the foremost Christian apologists during the last 50 years. He has written books on everything from open theism to ethics to higher criticism and more. Later in his career, he has also authored a four volume systematic theology which was consolidated into a one-volume edition as well. Like traditional systematic theologies, his work … Continue reading A Review of Norm Geisler’s Prolegomena

A Book Review of “The Church of the Fundamentalists”

The Church of the Fundamentalists is the recently published work by Dr. Larry Oats, a long-time professor at Maranatha Baptist University. While Dr. Oats’s PhD is in Systematic Theology (I believe this is his dissertation in published form), the work demonstrated a hybrid focus on both historical theology and systematic theology in the historical contexts. … Continue reading A Book Review of “The Church of the Fundamentalists”