Sunday: Christian Sabbath, Lord’s Day, or Something Else – Church History and Sunday

Church history does not furnish support for a Christian Sabbath idea of Sunday. The Christian Sabbath was not found until the Puritan era. Thus, the pattern throughout most of the church during history was a traditionalist idea of the LORD's Day throughout church history.

Sunday: Christian Sabbath, Lord’s Day, or Something Else – Introduction

One of the more interesting areas of Christian faith and life concerns Sunday, also known as the Lord’s Day. This is a weekly day when Christians all around the world meet as local churches. This weekly day is a challenge to understand, when one studies the Scripture. It is not to say that the gathering on a weekly day is unusual, but it is the combination of what the Bible does not say about Sunday and what the Bible does say about Saturday, the Jewish sabbath, that make its consideration difficult.

Brief Thoughts on “Ancient Wine and the Bible” by David Brumbelow

I offer some brief comments on the book Ancient Wine and the Bible by David Brumbelow and how it has helped me in thinking through the issues around abstience. It shows that we should not assume that wine in the Bible is always alcoholic, but that rather we should let the historical context and the Biblical context inform how we understand references to wine.