The Authority of Jesus – Thoughts on John 3:31-36

The fact that Jesus came from heaven (John 3:31) implies that he came with the God’s authority. (vv33-34) While John is the one speaking here, it calls back what Jesus said about the fact that no one descended from heaven except the Son of Man, Himself (v 13). With reference to Jesus’ authroity, two things are highlighted by John the Baptist in his discussion. First, it is that he speaks the words of God (v34). This is the implication of authority. John especially calls attention to the link between receiving Jesus and the confirmation that God is true (v33). Second, the means of Jesus’ speaking the words of God is the person of the Holy Spirit. The Father gave the Spirit to the Son, but He didn’t put any measure of the Spirit. Thus, He gave the fullness of that blessed Holy Spirit. He was conceived of the Spirit (Luke 1:35), and He came on Him at His baptism (John 1:32). It was from then on that He spoke with authority for God. This doesn’t deny that He had been perfect up to this point and was God Incarnate from conception. But, it does mean that Jesus was uniquely equipped to actually begin His work on earth, which preeminently included speaking for God in a way that no one before Him since He came from heaven. In conclusion, Jesus’ unique authority comes from He speaking the words of God as one from heaven itself and from the Spirit’s coming on Him in fullness to empower His speaking of the Words of God. We should follow the example John gave of confirming that God is true by receiving His Son. Those who do receive Him, believing on Him, receive life eternal (3:36a) but those who reject Him (and thereby disobey Him by not believing in Him) remain lost. (v36b). 

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