I’m a PhD Student!

I wanted to share that I’ve been accepted in the PhD program in Bible and Theology at Calvary University (Kansas City, MO), and I’d like to tell a little more about it.

I’ve spent most of the past decade on graduate theological education part-time. For me, these studies have been for me to (1) deepen my faith, (2) begin to answer skeptical questions of this age, and (3) answer questions of my own. They’ve also led me to make the most of academic skills. A PhD will help me achieve greater depth in my mastery of the Bible, and mastery by God’s grace will lead to its mastery of me. It will also will help prepare me to help the local church have greater theological leadership as Christian colleges continue to struggle to stay open. Several circumstances made this opportunity attractive that enabled me to move right on to it, without having to finish the latest degree I was working on from Maranatha.

Recently, a new PhD program was started In Bible & Theology at a historically fundamentalist Bible College – formerly Calvary Bible College, now Calvary University in the Kansas City area. I immediately was interested in its approach as follows. I will spend a year each on studying the Bible in the original languages, studying the entire Bible at the book level, studying theology along with a teaching practicum, and a final writing project. It was also available as an online program.

I will continue to work as an IT engineer to support my family. With an anticipated graduation date of the spring of 2025, the next four and a half years are going to be very full. But, I hope that the Lord is working through this as the next step of my preparation for greater service and usefulness to Him.

Til He Comes,


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