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The Local Church and a Full Biblical Agenda In Its Midst

To be sure, the ideal is and should be that we have a local church where there is full Biblical agreement. Thus, it is not the ideal that I have disagreement with. I am forced however to observe that I have never known in my own Christian life and experience a church in which there is such unanamity and fullness and Christian experience as he speaks. Disagreement with my brothers and sisters to some degree has always been part of my church life and my fellowship with Christians in general. I have never known it myself--To have a place where I felt strongly that there was "a full biblical agenda" as I understand that biblical agenda to be. 

Thoughts on a Self-Authenticating Bible

A fundamental of the genuine Christian faith have always been a defense of Scriptural authority. This concept can involve more than one idea, let me just throw out some key ideas. First, the saying sola Scriptura, the concept of Scripture alone, referring to the exclusive nature of the Bible's authority. Second, the concept of the … Continue reading Thoughts on a Self-Authenticating Bible

Free Grace Theology and the Requirement of Holiness

Today, I would like to share some thoughts on Free Grace theology and its relationship to the requirement of holiness. What am I referring to when I say "free grace theology"? Put briefly, free grace theology is marked by a firm defense of salvation through simple trust in Christ alone and the protection of that … Continue reading Free Grace Theology and the Requirement of Holiness