Feinberg, Skepticism, and My Journey

This year, I read the two main sections of John S. Feinberg's book Can You Believe It's True?. It has actually been very helpful for me personally. He has well defended Christianity against both postmodern and modern skeptics. As a rebuttal to postmoderns, he defended the correspondence theory of truth and the possibility of a … Continue reading Feinberg, Skepticism, and My Journey

B. B. Warfield on Faith

B. B. Warfield in an article titled "Faith in its Psychological Aspects" offers a presentation of faith that explains how faith must be a true conviction based on evidence. While he proceeds to use the idea in an apologetic for Calvinistic soteriology, his approach remains very helpful and fits well within some other helpful ideas that are generally in the classical apologetic tradition. Doubting believers must pursue the convincing evidence to bring them to faith, not merely "choose to believe."