Feinberg, Skepticism, and My Journey

This year, I read the two main sections of John S. Feinberg's book Can You Believe It's True?. It has actually been very helpful for me personally. He has well defended Christianity against both postmodern and modern skeptics. As a rebuttal to postmoderns, he defended the correspondence theory of truth and the possibility of a … Continue reading Feinberg, Skepticism, and My Journey

Sunday: Christian Sabbath, Lord’s Day, or Something Else – Problems with the Traditionalist Lord’s Day Position, Part 1

While the traditionalist position provides some evidence in support of its position, there remain some problems with the position. The first three points include: (1) There is no explicit command for Sunday worship, (2) The historical references to Sunday are often in narratives especially in Acts that are difficult to conclusively apply, and (3) the command for gathering of donations in 1 Corinthians is overstated in its support for the traditionalist position.

Don’t Skip Church in the Summer–Or During the School Year!

One local church in my area advertised a "launch Sunday" for the first Sunday after the start of the school year. This betrays an acceptance of a worldly attitude toward summer. God wants us to pursue holiness always, and that includes attending your local church. We need the church all year round. If we have neglected church this summer, we need to repent (Rev. 2:5a).