Feinberg, Skepticism, and My Journey

This year, I read the two main sections of John S. Feinberg's book Can You Believe It's True?. It has actually been very helpful for me personally. He has well defended Christianity against both postmodern and modern skeptics. As a rebuttal to postmoderns, he defended the correspondence theory of truth and the possibility of a … Continue reading Feinberg, Skepticism, and My Journey

Sunday: Christian Sabbath, Lord’s Day, or Something Else – Problems with the Traditionalist Lord’s Day Position, Part 2

Continuing my series from last year, the traditionalist position on Sunday has three additional considerations, including (1) Rev. 1's reference to the Lord's Day is insufficient to the traditionalist position, (2) Psalm 118 is not sufficient to provide a basis for rejoicing on Sunday, and (3) There is no necessity for there to be an anti-type of the Sabbath in the Church Age.